News for October 29, 2014: CRIME ADVENTURES 3.

News for February 25, 2012: CRIME ADVENTURES 2.

News for February 25, 2012: CRIME ADVENTURES.

News for September 20, 2011: New GG comic about termites.

News for August 3, 2011: Clarence comes back.

News for May 11, 2011: It's not very funny.

News for April 3, 2011: Sea Stats.

News for April 1, 2011: My wife and I traded off panels for two comics. She came up with the superior punchline.

News for March 28, 2011: A philisophical Goofy Gorilla comic.

News for March 25, 2011: A new Goofy Gorilla comic! Couldn't keep such low humor on the front page forever.

News for March 18, 2011: Two new Goofy Gorilla comics!

News for March 17, 2011: A new Goofy Gorilla comic and three new doodles. One of the doodles illustrates the artist's "process."

News for March 12, 2011: It's been a long time. Two new Goofy Gorilla comics and a few new doodles.


News for December 6, 2007: Massive update. New comics, new doodles, new server.

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News for March 16, 2007: Two new comics! These were made for and published in Athens weekly Flagpole.

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News for January 26, 2007: New comic.

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News for January 18, 2007: New Comic.

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News for January 11, 2007: New comic! Keep this momentum going with fan mail.

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News for January 3, 2007: We have new doodles and new comic. We hope to update once a week at least in 2007.

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News for August 23, 2006: New Comic.

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News for August 17, 2006: Got a newer comic than the Christmas one.


News for April 18, 2006: New doodles.


News for December 16, 2005: Special comic by esteemed guest artist Cameron Bogue.


For October 27, 2005: Halloween Double Feature!


For October 21, 2005: Okay, a bonus Halloween doodle and a new Humor Illustrated.


For October 19, 2005: Seven new doodles. This brings us to a hundred doodles.


For September 19, 2005: New Goofy Gorilla, Humor Illustrated and Doodles. I finally updated my site after moving, but I still don't have Internet. News has been archived, obviously.


For April 29, 2005: New Cartoon and Humor Illustrated. . This one was drawn by request by a colleague of mine and named after a Smiths album.


For March 31, 2005: New doodle.

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