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Episode Twenty-one: Triangle and Circle.

Episode Twenty: Peach and Blu-Birdy.

Episode Nineteen: The Story of Porpoises.

Episode Eighteen: Karate Koalas in Spindle-Back.

Episode Seventeen: Beatnik Joke.

Episode Sixteen: Another Theoretically Funny Comic, this time featuring Arthur Pigou and Ronald Coase.

Episode Fifteen: The Language of Squirrels

Episode Fourteen: The FABULOUS TOOTH COMICS, by esteemed guest artist Cole Causey (Copyright 2005). In eleven parts:1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11

Episode Thirteen: Karate Koalas Special Halloween Edition.

Episode Twelve: About a Dog.

Episode Eleven: A Theoretically Funny Comic

Episode Ten: Karate Koalas in Paris

Episode Nine: Karate Koalas in The Ottoman

Episode Eight: Karate Koalas in The Chair

Episode Seven: That Old Nag

Episode Six: Goofy Loses

Episode Five: Goofy Votes

Episode Four: Old Man Lewis

Episode Three: Grasshopper

Episode Two: April Fool's

Episode One: Two Economists